Peer Support

Needing someone to talk to?

Supporting your young person as they experience mental health distress can be tough, but you don’t have to go it alone.

The Resolute Love Project is offering Peer Support for carers.

Peer Support is:

‘people using their own experiences to help each other’

From the outset it’s important to understand that we’re not offering a counseling service.  

The practice of ‘Carer Peer Support’ falls under the banner of a ‘Lived Experience Role’ in the mental health sector.  

The intent of this offering is for you to have a listening ear and an encouraging voice walking alongside you — bringing the experience and perspective of someone who has similar experiences to yourself as you care for your person.

“What will a first session look like?”

Your complimentary first peer support session takes the approach of a ‘guided conversation.’  Whether in-person or over video call, the starting place is always about what you need.

From there it is the role of the peer support worker to facilitate an environment where you feel safe to tell some of your story, identify some priorities in your role as carer, and then make a plan for next steps.

As there are specific experiences that a peer support worker brings to their role, your initial session will also be an opportunity to determine the compatibility between you for further sessions.

“What’s next?”

Following your first session, you and your peer support worker will decide together on next steps.

If you choose to continue, we recommend a further three sessions framed around one of the following questions:

  • How am I managing my own mental health?

  • How am I navigating recovery after a season of distress?

  • How am I responding to a ‘lack of care’ experience from people in my community?

  • How am I responding to my person as their mental health intersects with the experience of sexual or gender diversity?

After your fourth session there will be another point for reviewing where to go from there.

“Who will I talk with?”

Since 2014, household mental health care for teenagers has been a significant part of Travis Johnson’s experience.

While a Bachelor of Ministries and Graduate Certificate in Mental Health have been helpful along the way, Trav knows that the best learning has come through being a parent to his four (now adult) children.

Trav has over 30 years experience as a Christian worker.  As a church pastor for 12 years, and youth ministry practitioner for another 14, he has a broad understanding of church and school environments.

Book your first session

Your first session is free.

We currently offer complimentary Peer Support sessions, but as the Resolute Love project progresses, we are intending to put a dollar value on each session.

Our booking form also provides instructions for making a donation should you wish.


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