Loving our people

in all things.

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— to help us refine our ideas on how to provide support, we’d love to hear from you if you’re

caring for someone who’s struggling with their mental health:

The Resolute Love Project exists to:

‘HOLD SPACE’* for PARENTS, CARERS and FRIENDS to love their people in all things.

Hosted by Trav Johnson

(BMin; Grad Cert in Mental Health)

After over three decades of church-based youth work, Trav — with his wife Pixi — recognise their greatest achievement has been learning from and loving their four adult children through relationship ups and downs, social anxiety, sexuality and gender identity, emotional dysregulation, deep grief, depression, and suicide ideation.

In the midst of all the hard things, family life continues to be the most exhilarating, fun-filled, and rewarding experience that is birthing the ‘resolute love’ project.

*"The art of holding space is one we’re all capable of, and yet we fear it. It’s scary to enter each other’s stories without waving our imaginary ‘fix-it wand.’ But I can say, both from my personal experience and having sat with others as I have created space for them, it is powerful."


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‘loving our people in all things’

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